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Technical analysis is a trading strategy that is designed with the aim to predict the future prices on the basis of past records. In this article, we have explained the process of creating Forex strategy on the basis of technical analysis. The process is categorized into different steps.

Find out the type of market and trade

The very first step is to identify the market condition in which the investor will perform trades. Once investors recognize the market sentiments, then he/she has to determine for what time period he/she will remain in the trade.  What type of trade charts, graphs he will use? In order to determine the actual market condition, an investor can make use of oscillators, visual identification and trend lines.

Using the technical tools

Now, the trader must pick the trading tools to examine the chart. The traders can make use of some technical indicators that will help them to do trade in an effective way. Picking up the right trading tool can help them to generate good income. The most commonly used technical tool is technical indicator that is used to get some further insight into the demand and supply of securities.

Hone the periods and other inputs

After choosing the best technical tool, the trader must decide on the periods. This means the traders should check which value or periods produce the pattern that will best fit for the price action on the chart. It will be good if the investors or traders will refine the periods and other inputs.

Find out the trading signals

The trading signals are used by the traders to identify whether they should buy or sell a specific currency pair at any given time. They can derive these signals from the study of fundamental and technical analysis. The different trading signals work together in order to produce the actual buy and sell signals. Forex trading signals are the integral part of the Forex trading strategies that are used to find out the exact exit and entry point of a market position.

Do the analysis

After deciding on the signals, the traders need to perform a technical analysis by searching actionable signals and some effective money management techniques. After analyzing the whole data, you must make your utmost exertion to make sure that you have chosen the signal suitable for the selected period and trading plan.

Compare the outputs and execute the trade

Now, after evaluating the different scenarios presented by the charts, the traders should compare them on the basis of their profit potential and the credibility. Once the traders done with this phase, they will choose the trade that offers the highest returns with the lowest risk.

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